Project Overview

The Transformations Project, a collaboration between Art in Public Places and the Loveland Power Department, was developed specifically to bring art to the streets and showcase the plethora of talented Northern Colorado painters.  Since its inception in 2009,  84 electrical cabinets located along major roadways (and other highly visible locations) have served as creative canvases for one-of-a-kind murals thus, transforming everyday objects into unique works of art.  There are currently 77 transformed cabinets engaging the Loveland community.  (Seven early designs have been “retired from service” due to equipment failures.)

The Transformations Project will be on hiatus in 2020.  We do expect to add additional cabinets once 2021 public art projects have been determined.

Updated Transformation Project Brochure

2009 Transformations

A River Runs Around It by Diane Findley (Jefferson and 5th St)
Aqualung by John Moore (7th St and Garfield)
Birds of a Beautiful Feather by Robin Dodge (alley north of Loveland Museum at 5th and Lincoln)
Colorama by Leann Harding (1st and Railroad)
Creative Chaos by Kirsten Savage (all north of 4th St between Lincoln and Jefferson)
Gallimaufry by Leann Harding (1st and Railroad)
Kalila & Dimna by Lysa Dzja (Railroad and 5th St)
Limitless by Alyson Kinkade (Mariana Butte Golf Course)
Loveland Feed & Grain (Railroad and 1 St)
Mavericks by Ross Lampshire (Crossroads and Fairground)
Particles by Michael Allison (behind Rialto in alley Cleveland and Lincoln)
Peeples by Leann Harding (1st and Rialroad)
The Night My Pets Had Dinner with Picasso by Ren Burke (6th St between Lincoln and Jefferson)
We Can See You by Fran Judd (west side of Truscott Elementary 6th and Grant)


2010 Transformations

Climbing Adventures by Mollie Freeman (Hahns Peak Drive next to Factual Data)
Create Our Community by Charlotte Zink (Wilson Ave and 29th St)
Current C by Kim Stenson (Hwy 287 and 37th St)
Devil’s Backbone by Diane Roeder (SW 14th and Garfield Ave)
Elemental Discovery II by Sheldon James (5th and Cleveland)
Eternal Struggle by Ross Lampshire (Hwy 34 by WalMart)
Fish and Flowers by Sheldon James (Wilson Ave at Service Center Entrance)
Haiku by Barry Quinton Lee (S Taft Ave and Carlisle Ave)
Horsin’ Around by Audrie Mergelman (SW 14th and Hwy 287)
Impressionistic Loveland by Sharles (Chamber of Commerce – East Hwy 34)
Lake Loveland by Susan Haskins (Taft Ave and 8th St)
Quilt Pattern by Claudette Phelps (SW 14th east of CR 21)
Tango by Ron McDowell (SW 14th at King Soopers Gas Station)
The Beauty of Art by Margie Ellis (SW 14th south of King Soopers)
The Conference of the Birds by Lyse Dzija (entrance to North Lake Park on Taft Ave)
The Cookie Tin by Jeannie Essling (Hwy 34 and McWhinney Blvd)


2011 Transformations

Circuits & Connections by Jeannie Essling (14th St SW and Railroad Ave)
Coin “C” by Kim Stenson (Hwy 287 and 37th St)
Deluge by Thomas Studholme (Wilson Ave. behind Safeway)
Enchantment by Anita Yeh Norrie (1st St and Denver Ave)
Forces of Nature by Ross Lampshire (Taft Ave north of 22nd St)
Fort Namaqua by Mary Giacomini (1st St and Madison Ave)
Impressionistic Loveland by Diane Roeder (1st St by Xeriscape Garden)
Loveland, Cherry Center of Colorado by Scott Freeman (Madison Ave north of Hwy 34)
Tart from the Heart by Anne Thouthip (29th St and Monroe Ave)
Trains at Monroe by Lyse Dzija (1st St and Boise Ave)

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