May 23, 2019:  Five artists’ design proposals will be recommended for the Visual Arts Commission approval at the June 6th VAC meeting.  The names of the finalists will be revealed after the commission’s approval.  Artists will begin the painting process in late June 2019.  Artists selected for the 2018 Transformations Project will gain access to The Foundry site as construction allows.

Project Overview

The Transformations Project, a collaboration between Art in Public Places and the Loveland Power Department, was developed specifically to bring art to the streets and showcase the plethora of talented Northern Colorado painters.  Since its inception in 2009,  84 electrical cabinets located along major roadways (and other highly visible locations) have served as creative canvases for one-of-a-kind murals thus, transforming everyday objects into unique works of art.  There are currently 77 transformed cabinets engaging the Loveland community.  (Seven early designs have been “retired from service” due to equipment failures.)

In 2018, five artists served on the artist team to create thematic cabinets for The Foundry redevelopment project.   The team chose to use the seasons, the elements and the Big Thompson River as their common design elements.  Transformations artists are expected to begin painting this spring once the construction site becomes accessible.  We anticipate those cabinets to be completed by late August 2019.  Five additional artists will be selected in 2019 for cabinets located throughout Loveland.

See the cabinets approved for the 2019 Transformations Project!

2019 Application