37th Street Bridge and Roundabout

Contractual Phase, August 2020

Bridge: Colorado artist Tiimo Mang was awarded the commissioning of his sculptures, titled, Sanctuary, for the 37th Street Bridge.  The artist is in the contractual phase for this project. Sanctuary is expected to be installed in March 2021.

Roundabout:  Colorado artist Kevin Robb was awarded the commissioning of this sculpture design, titled, Birds in Flight, for the 37th Street Roundabout. The artist is in the contractual phase for this project.  Birds in Flight is scheduled for installation in February 2021 (weather permitting).

Project Overview, May 2020

The City of Loveland Art in Public Places is accepting Requests for Qualifications for artwork installations along 37th Street between North Lincoln Street and Monroe.  This project, called the 37th Street Connector, is a large-scale infrastructure project that will significantly improve connectivity and offer new options for east-west mobility in north Loveland.  Construction involves a new road, bridge and roundabout as well as Dry Creek channel/stormwater outfall improvements.

Scope and Project Description

37th Street Bridge Features:   The pedestrian walkway and railing on the each side of the bridge are possible locations for public art.  The bridge will have vehicle traffic and feature sidewalks and bike lanes (on both sides).  Additionally, artwork may be attached to the top of the pillars and 1” recesses along the length of the bridge.

37th Street Roundabout: This 11 O’ diameter, single-lane roundabout was completed in fall 2019 and will be available for sculpture installation by late spring 2020. The location is at the intersection of Monroe Street and 37th Street in northeast Loveland.