New Additions to the Collections

Two Minds Meeting by Melanie Yazzie

The Visual Arts Commission approved the proposed sculpture donation presented by Sandra Harris Woods, Two Minds Meeting by Melanie Yazzie.  This sculpture was along the South Shore Scenic Parkway.  (Donation)

Girl Hawk by Joe Norman, VAC Purchase

Joe Norman’s site recently purchased painted sculpture, Girl Hawk, will be installed along the recreation trail at Mehaffey Park in fall 2020.  (Donation)

LHPAC Donations

Royal Majesty and Shared Strength should also be listed.  See LHACP Donations folder if needed.

Benson Sculpture Garden 2018

The Visual Arts Commission gratefully accepted the donation of six bronze sculptures from the Loveland High Plains Arts Council for installation at Benson Sculpture Garden in July 2018.

Gibson by Wayne Salge Radiant Joy by Scarlett Kanistanaux Into the Wind by Craig Campbell
Freedom by Victor Issa Elle by Jeannine Young The Scyther by Daniel Ingebrigtson

High Plains Dreamer by James Johnson – November 2018

Sculptor James Johnson was awarded the commission for an original sculpture to be installed within the Mountain Lion Avenue Roundabout in fall 2017.  High Plains Dreamer, a monolithic Cor-ten sculpture, measuring 20’ tall x 16’ long x 6’ wide was installed on Friday, November 30, in the newly constructed roundabout at the intersection of N. Boyd Lake Avenue and Mountain Lion Avenue.  The 5,000 lb. sculpture is clearly visible from a distance, creating a significant presence along Highway 34.

The artwork was fabricated by the artist’s son, Tyler Johnson.  Local construction crews were hired to complete the much-anticipated installation, which was delayed slightly due to wide-load holiday travel restrictions.  A formal dedication will be held in the spring of 2019.

As a sculptor, I have always been concerned with creating works of art that cause the viewer to pause and reflect upon their surroundings and in doing so become more aware of the environment that they are passing through.  — James Johnson, Artist

The Screaming Dreams of Flowers by Jan R. Carson – September 2018

Purchased from the Artworks Loveland summer exhibition, “Everything But Now,” The Screaming Dreams of Flowers by Jan R. Carson is a large silk artwork inspired by her concern over nature’s loss of bees and other pollinators in the recent decades.  Carson’s intricate silk work is mounted on five 4’x4′ light boxes and illuminated with LED lights which add a unique and beautiful vibrancy to Carson’s thoughtful (and stunning) workmanship. A suitable location is currently being finalized.

Wings by Joe Norman – August 2018

August 2018:  As part of the North Taft Avenue Bridge expansion project, Loveland artist Joe Norman installed Wings, a series of 8 stainless steel wings, representing important bird and insect species within our local waterways.  These 6’ tall water-jet cut

sculptural forms illustrate the intricate structure of the each species. Take a walk along the North Taft Avenue Bridge and discover these unique winged formations!

“I enjoy making site-specific sculpture that helps communities become their best selves.  My intent is to make art that contributes to a wider conversation about justice and our impact on the world.” – Joe Norman, Artist

Braids at Hanging Lake by Joe Norman – June 2018

Braids at Hanging Lake by Martin Lambuth:  The Visual Arts Commission purchased a 30 ½” x 42 ½” oil painting, titled, Braids at Hanging Lake by Colorado artist Martin Lambuth during the Governor’s Art Show at the Loveland Museum.  This painting is the first artwork created by the artist to be included in the City’s collection.  The oil painting was installed in the Loveland Public Library’s Fireplace Room.

Chilson People at Play and Children Navigating the Waters of Life by Mark Guglielmo – May 2018

Photo-mosaic artist Mark Guglielmo was commissioned to create two 4’x8′ photo mosaics featuring Chilson Center patrons. The finished work, fabricated from thousands of individual photographs, was installed in the main hallway of the recreation facility at the end of May, 2018.


Art Tools by J.C. Milner – October 2017

Art Tools by J.C. Milner was awarded a matching grant through the Visual Arts Commission’s Mural Program. Assisted by Monarch High School students and private donors, Milner’s whimsical design came to life at 310 North Railroad Avenue during the Loveland Artist Studio Tours. The process of painting Art Tools was intended to be a valuable experience for youth, as well as create a strong sense of place and interest for local residents and visitors.

Splash of Red by Euleta Palser, October 2017

Splash of Red, a large colorful mosaic located at the Loveland Library at 300 North Adams Avenue, was dedicated on October 5, 2017. Created by Euleta Palser for her sister, Patty Goodwine, who drowned in the 2013 Big Thompson flood. Armed with a sense of fun and a keen wit, when asked her favorite color Patty, always replied, “black and white with a splash of red.” New and recycled dishes from family, friends, neighbors and co-workers were used to create the mosaic to remember a dear friend and 34-year Library employee.

Fly Fishing by Daniel Glanz – August 2017

Donated to the City of Loveland by the residents of the Alford Meadows Community, Fly Fishing by Daniel Glanz graces the neighborhood’s entrance at North Taft Avenue and West 50th Street.

Solveig Lark, Loveland’s Cheerleader for the Arts by Victor Issa – May 2017

Loveland’s first gallery owner and longtime arts advocate Solveig Lark was honored with a bronze memorial plaque titled, Solveig Lark: Loveland’s Cheerleader for the Arts created and donated by local sculptor Victor Issa. Several local businesses (Bronze Patination & Conservation, the Base Shop, SAV Molds and Art Castings) also donated their services during fabrication and the work was installed in the Loveland Museum lobby.