May 23, 2019:  Project Status: Fabrication Stage.
DeWitt Godfrey will meet with City staff and local contractors during the second week in June.  Site visits will be made to the mountain park as the artist and crew plan the installation process.  Installation is expected during the third week in July.

February 7, 2019:  Project Status:  Contract Phase.  DeWitt Godfrey awarded commission

Artist DeWitt Godfrey was awarded the mission for the Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park project at the February 7, 2019 regular Visual Arts Commission meeting.  We are currently in the contract phase of this project, which usually takes several weeks to complete.  Immediately following the contract approval, Mr. Godfrey will begin the fabrication of this design concept.  The installation of this work in anticipated for late July 2019.

December 2018:  Project Status:  Design Phase.  Artists contracts awarded.  

Three finalists were selected to create design concepts for the Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park.  The finalists are:
DeWitt Godfrey, Earlville, NY
Linda Prokop, Loveland, CO
Brandon Zebold, Seattle, WA

The artists are expected to present their art concepts at the February 7, 2019 Visual Arts Commission meeting. This meeting will be held at the Rialto Theater Center’s Devereaux Room.  The meeting will begin at 5pm.  Artist presentations are expected to begin at 5:30pm.

November 2018:  Project Status: Jury Phase.  52 Applications Received.

The City of Loveland will commission an artist/artist team to design, fabricate and install art concepts for the Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park located in the Big Thompson Canyon in Loveland.  The park has been closed since September 2013, when a devastating flood scoured away many of the park’s major elements, and will reopen to the public in September 2018.  Reconstruction has focused on making the park more resilient to future floods, which has dramatically changed the park’s character from a manicured, urban park with irrigated turf to a foothills mountain park with non-irrigated native grasses.

The intention of this public art project is to create a feature that honors the 50+ memorials that were previously on-site but washed away by the flood.  The City is open to an artistic interpretation of a memorial and is not expecting the artwork to call out a list of names per se, or provide the opportunity to accumulate additional names over time.  Installation of the memorial artwork is expected by July 2019.