Located at 2908 Aspen Drive in Loveland, Colorado, Benson Sculpture Garden has provided a beautiful and unique outdoor setting for showcasing sculpture since 1985.  It is here that the Loveland High Plains Arts Council hosts its renowned Sculpture in the Park event each summer. Currently, there are 158 pieces of sculpture on permanent display by world-renowned artists.  In 2015, Benson Sculpture Garden at North Lake Park, located directly across 29th Street, became the expansion site for additional public artwork installations.  New donations are added to the park annually through the generous donations of the Loveland High Plains Arts Council.

The Loveland High Plains Arts Council has generously proposed the following six sculpture donations to Benson Sculpture Garden.  If accepted at the February 7th Visual Arts Commission meeting, the sculptures will be installed in June 2019.  A formal dedication will be held in early July. (Exact date TBA.)  The public is welcome to attend, meet the artists and view the new additions to the City’s public artwork collection.

To share your thoughts, please email: Suzanne.Janssen@CityofLoveland.org

Caress by Yenny Cocq
Bronze – 8’5” x 3.5’ x 5”
Confluence by Joshua Goss
Cor-ten Steel – 8.5’ x 15’ x 10’
Inverted by Gilberto Romero
Bronze – 6’ x 34” x 26”
Over-worked & Under-paid by Diane Mason
Bronze – 55” x 62” x 24”
Slow Journey by John Masiano
Bronze – 24” x 71” x 23”
Why Oh Why by Jade Windell
Colorado Yule Marble – 66” x 48” x 38”

Benson Sculpture Garden Collection

Map of Benson Sculpture Garden