Art in Public Places Calls for Entry — CALLS NOW OPEN!!

COMING SOON!!!  The following projects are expected to be released on the CAFE website ( in late 2020

Crossroads Power Substation:  Fall 2020, the Power Dept. plans to install a large concrete wall at the Crossroads power substation located along N. Boyd Lake Avenue just north of the Northern Colorado Law Enforcement Training Center.  There is a strong desire to include public artwork along 321’l x 12’h façade of this substation.  The final scope of this project is to be determined; however, bas-reliefs, murals and similar 2-D treatments will likely be sought for the site.  Once determined, an RFQ will be drafted.  Applications will be accepted through the CAFÉ website.  Projected date:  release in summer 2020.
Timeline for public artwork installation:  Late fall 2020/early spring 2021

Rialto Theater Hallway/Pass-Through:  The back door to the Rialto Theater Center hallway is currently available for public use as a pass-through to Fourth Street.  This unadorned hallway is seen as an ideal opportunity for a public artwork installation and possible wayfinding.  The Visual Arts Commission is currently considering the best approach to creating a vibrant, welcoming environment within this pedestrian connector hallway.  Budget: TBA
Timeline for release: TBD-likely late spring/early summer 2020

Pulliam Community Building, Main Entry Stairwell:  (Release date is likely fall 2020)  The City of Loveland Art in Public Places is accepting Requests for Qualifications for decorative exterior entryway artwork and handrails to be installed at the Pulliam Community Building located at 545 N. Cleveland Avenue in downtown Loveland.  This project is focused upon the main entrance stairwell for this historic WPA-era building, which consists of two landings and 7 steps, and handrails.  The front surface of the stair treads are regarded an excellent opportunity for artistic expression and a means of drawing the attention of passersby.  Once finalized, all applications will be available soon through the CAFE website (  Project budget: 70,000.
Timeline for release:  Late fall 2020/early spring 2021

2020 – Expired Calls for Entry

The Art Advocacy Project (TAAP) 3D-Sculpture: THIS CALL IS CLOSED  TAAP 3D showcases regional and national sculptors through a one-year on loan sculpture exhibition from June 2020-June 2021.  Artists honorarium: $2,000.  Applications accepted through the CAFE website: (  Apply here
Application Deadline:  April 20, 2020, 11:59pm.

37th Street Roundabout and 37th Street Bridge:  THESE CALLS ARE CLOSED  The City of Loveland Art in Public Places is accepting Requests for Qualifications for artwork installations along 37th Street between North Lincoln Street and Monroe.  This project, called the 37th Street Connector, is a large-scale infrastructure project that will significantly improve connectivity and offer new options for east-west mobility in north Loveland.  Construction involves a new road, bridge and roundabout as well as Dry Creek channel/stormwater outfall improvements.

Aerial view of the new roundabout at 37th Street
Aerial view of the new roundabout at 37th Street

Two locations have been identified for pubic artworks installations.  Artists may apply to one or both of these projects through CAFE; however, these RFQs will be released and reviewed separately under the names of City of Loveland: 37th Street Bridge and the City of Loveland: 37th Street Roundabout.  Both projects are open to any professional artist (or artist team) with demonstrated experience in creating signature artwork of a large scale.
Application deadline for both projects is May 6, 2020, 11:59pm.

Graphic of both projects

37th Street Bridge:   The pedestrian walkway and railing on the each side of the bridge are possible locations for public art.  The bridge will have vehicle traffic and feature sidewalks and bike lanes (on both sides).  Additionally, artwork may be attached to the top of the pillars and 1” recesses along the length of the bridge.  Construction will be completed in June 2020.  Surface length:  90’each side; 180’ (total). Budget: $35,000.  Apply here

37th Street Roundabout:  This 110’ diameter, single-lane roundabout was completed in fall 2019 and will be available for sculpture installation by late spring 2020.  The location is at the intersection of Monroe Street and 37th Street in northeast Loveland. Budget: $25,000.  Apply here

APRIL 2020 UPDATE:   Thank you to the eight artists who submitted 11 designs for consideration at this site!   Due to Covid-19, the artwork jury has been unable to convene.  We hope to hold this jury withing the next 4-6 weeks.  Updates will be provided.

The City of Loveland Art in Public Places is currently accepting proposals for mural design(s) that encourage interaction and creative placemaking in the alleyway between the Loveland Museum and the Museum expansion site (the former Reporter-Herald building at the corner of 5th & Cleveland Avenue).  The mural(s) should invite passersby to stop to photograph themselves and/or their friends as part of the mural.  This competition is open to Loveland artists or artists with significant ties to the community.  Project budget:  6,000.00  Application available here
Application deadline: Friday, March 13, 2020 at 5pm, Loveland Museum, 503 N. Lincoln Avenue.

The Art Advocacy Project (TAAP) 2D:  TAAP 2D showcases two-dimensional artwork in the Loveland Public Library’s central galleria. TAAP 2D is a one-year on-loan program designed to promote regional artists through the public display of their artworks, and provides a means for artwork sales. The art selections for TAAP 2D rotate in February of each year. 2020 TAAP 2D Application
Application deadline:  January 14,  2020 at 5pm.  All applications must be received at the Loveland Museum by that date/time.

Statewide Calls for Entry


The following 2019 Loveland public art project applications are closed

TRANSFORMATIONS PROJECT 2019 — Application Deadline April 30, 2019, 5pm
Artist compensation: $1,500

Project budget: $30,000

TAAP 3D 2019 – Application Deadline January 13, 2019, 11:59pm
Project budget: $2,000

TAAP 2D 2019
– Application Deadline January 15, 2019, 5pm
Artist Compensation: $350.00

Downtown Event Power Cabinet
– Application Deadline October 17, 2018, 5pm
Project budget: $5,000

The Foundry Parking Garage – Application Deadline October 19, 2018.
Project budget:  $150,000

Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park Memorial – Application Deadline October 26, 2018
Project budget: $55,000

Police Regional Training Institute – Application Deadline December 2, 2018
Project budget:  $162,000