Art in Public Places Grants

A Celebration of Music by Morgan Gray

Phases 2 and 3 of A Celebration of Music were approved by the Visual Arts Commission and artist Morgan Gray was awarded a $7,200 for the completion of this mural.

Loveland Community Art Grants

On July 2, the VAC approved $20,000 for Community Art Grants for projects taking place within Loveland City limits and reviewed a draft application.  The grants were created to support artists during this difficult time with Covid-19. Applications will be accepted in September 2020 and January 2021.

 2D Artwork Direct Purchases

Following a committee report to the VAC, the commission approved $18,000 to purchase local artists’ work.  The goal of the Call for Entry is to support local artists during Covid-19 and to update public artwork in several City facilities (as many artworks have been on display for several decades).  Installation sites may include buildings the Chilson Recreation & Senior Center, the Library, the Development Center and City Hall.

Maintenance Endowment

In July, the VAC established a special reserve fund of $100,000 for future maintenance needs unmet by the annual maintenance budgets.  This fund will permit the acceptance of annual contributions from the Visual Arts Commission budget and private donations. This fund is intended for use in the event of maintenance emergencies or to meet maintenance obligations that exceed the annual maintenance allocation.